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brownie or cake, this one’s easy to make

November 7, 2010

Don’t you hate when you can’t remember where you got something that you really like?  I have a recipe that I emailed to myself nearly two years ago, and it’s driving me crazy that there’s no indication of origin.  Did I copy it from a magazine?  Website?  Did a friend give it to me?  No idea.  Argh.  Just an email, with the title ‘Apple Brownies’.  And you know what?  That name’s no help, either.  Based on the name, I thought they would be a bit dense and chewy, kind of like blondies, with apples added in.  Wouldn’t you agree?   Read the rest of this entry ?


muffin remix

October 18, 2010

A few weeks ago I found a recipe for apple cheddar muffins that looked fairly promising, but ended up falling flat.  Way too much baking powder, really bland apples, and you could barely tell there was cheese involved.  I knew they had potential, I just had to figure out what their secret desire was.  What did these muffins want to *be* when they grew up?   Read the rest of this entry ?


October – maple & apples

October 4, 2010

Ok, the September thing was a horrific crash and burn, sorry.  Life dealt us quite a handful on several fronts, and it was all we could do to take a deep breath and keep moving to the end of the month.  The recipes that didn’t get made won’t be forgotten, I’ll work on incorporating them into future months.

But October!  Oh, October!  It’s autumn in New England, such a spectacular time!  The air is cooling down, the leaves are starting to turn, and everywhere you look there’s an amazing bounty of glorious fall produce.  We’ve been spoiled by our local orchard, and now eat apples like maniacs for a couple of months, and then not so much the rest of the year.  That plus a day trip to Vermont led to an obvious conclusion for October’s theme.  Well, obvious, but we each had a different idea.  I thought it would be apples, no questions asked.  Mrslovey was equally adamant about maple.  Even though I tried to deter her by pointing out that maple is technically a spring crop, I decided to compromise since she does all my dishes.

So I give you, glorious October, recipes that feature apples, or maple, or a combination of the two.  And seeing as I have forty pounds of apples in my garage and a full gallon of grade B syrup in the pantry, I’m hoping like hell to generate a respectable number of posts for this month.