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Let the sunshine in

February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday in loveyland turned into a baking marathon.  It started out with a loaf of bread, and all of a sudden it was six recipes and seven hours later.  Almost as long as the game!  I kid, I kid.  I’ll be doling these out one at a time, like the tasty treats are.  Each one deserves to be savored.

First up, a taste of citrus.  Maybe it was a mid-winter craving for sunshine, or a latent ancestral scurvy-avoiding instinct, but we needed some serious tartness.  Happily, earlier in the week I discovered a cookbook devoted to cookies and bars that I had completely forgotten about.  Browsing through led me to a promising recipe for lime bars, but I was not at all pleased at the suggestion to use refrigerated cookie dough for the base.

“Not I!”  said the little red hen!  So I made my own base recipe, and then tweaked the heck out of the filling.  By the time I was done, the original recipe was more of a suggestion than anything, and we were smacking our lips over some majorly tart lime delights.  The white chocolate, pistachios, and coconut help to balance out the sourness without being overly distracting.  Sunshine accomplished! Read the rest of this entry ?