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pucker up!

September 14, 2010

After my last post, several of you asked for the recipe for the lemon curd itself.  Since I live to please, I’ll share it with you today.

A few years ago loveymom and mrslovey teamed up and bought me two hobby classes at the local culinary school – yeast breads and tarts.  I had a total blast at both, learned a lot, and still count them as two of the best gifts I’ve ever received.  In the tart class we were taught a few standard crusts/doughs, some base fillings, and some seasonal toppings, along with hints about presentation and serving.  One of the fillings was lemon curd, and it was delicious!  Several of my classmates complained that it was too tart, but seriously, LEMONS.  Don’t hate them for doing what they do best!

Anyway, this curd is rather tart, but totally tasty.  You can always adjust the sugar or lemon juice to suit your own preferences.  Also, it makes a ton.  Well, not a ton – more like a quart.  For real.  One quart of awesome, coming right up!! Read the rest of this entry ?


a dificult problem to have

September 6, 2010

Have you ever stopped, looked around the kitchen, and realized that you have way too much lemon curd?  No?  Just me?  Sigh.

I recently realized that I would need lemon curd for a recipe that I wanted to try.  Several years ago I took a hobby class at the local culinary school, and I remembered how easy it was to make curd.  I also knew how much tastier homemade is over store-bought.  Add these two pieces of info to how easily distracted I am, and it’s obvious that I was going to be making a big honking batch of lemon curd.  And then I’d have it!  To use in lots of things!  So I made my curd and let it cool.  While it was setting up, I re-read the original recipe that I had set out to make, and realized that it only required 1/4 cup.  I had just made over 4 cups.  If I had noticed this initially, I would have just sucked it up and used a jarred curd, you know?  So now I’m sitting there, wondering what to do with well over 3 cups of lemon curd.  Also, being amused by how ‘curd’ sounds when you’re using it over and over again.  Curd, curd, curd, curd.  Curd.  Sounds funny, and a little gross.  Curd.

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