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dinner schminner, sometimes you just need to make cookies NOW

April 27, 2010

Several weeks ago, before cookie month even started, I was trying to decide what to bake when a blog post from King Arthur Flour appeared on my Facebook wall.  The recipe was for their Kids’ Choice Chip & Fruit Oatmeal Cookies.  The name was a little unwieldy, but the recipe itself looked delicious (as most KAF recipes do), and the feedback from bakers across the country was coming in at warp speed – they ARE delicious!  I was intrigued by the fact that they used oatmeal and white whole wheat flour, making them vaguely healthy, and also that they encouraged you to use whatever add-in combination you desired.  Mrslovey and I started throwing out combination ideas for when I’d make these at some point in the future.  After several minutes of back and forth, I mentioned that we had some dried sour cherries left over from another recipe.  Oooh, you know what would go good with those?  Dark chocolate chips!  Yep, we’ve got those, too.  But what about the nuts?  And then it hit us both at the same time – PISTACHIOS – and we nearly fell over each other racing for the kitchen.  Who cares about dinner, we have to make these cookies NOW!!!!! Read the rest of this entry ?