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Nothing wrong with easy, if that’s what it takes

February 3, 2010

As I mentioned earlier,  January was a blur of activity here in loveyland.  Something with chocolate was definitely in order, but I was too worn out to attempt anything new or complicated.  As I sat there with my fist in the Costco-sized bag of chocolate chips, trying to decide what to make and getting whinier by the minute, it came to me.  Classic Toll House cookies!  Nah, still too complex.  Who wants to take the energy to individually scoop out cookies *and* have to put them on a tray???

Absent-mindedly reading the back of the bag – a habit I’ve had as long as I’ve been reading (seriously, who can eat without something to read?) – it hit me between the eyes like a freaking sledgehammer.  Toll House cookie BARS!  Perfect solution when you need something reeeealllly easy and comfortable.  We ended up eating a couple of them, just enough to get a taste, and then the next morning the rest went to mrslovey’s work, where they were devoured instantly.  There’s a reason these are a classic. Read the rest of this entry ?