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The lemony lemon thing, with all the lemons

January 10, 2010

As you may recall, last week I had a lot of reservations about my muffins, and needed some reassurance.  In addition to feedback from coworkers, I also sought out one of my baking mentors, K.  Even though she’s been trying to avoid sweets, she was willing to take one for the team so that I could get the opinion of someone whose oven I trust completely.  To thank her for this, I offered to let her pick my next recipe.  Almost instantly, the words ‘lemon poppy bread’ came tumbling out of her mouth.  Okay, works for me!

This recipe is very high on the lemon scale, without being totally over the top.  The texture is almost in the realm of pound cake.  And the glaze that you pour over the hot loaf when it comes out of the oven…nice.  It soaks in, adds more lemon flavor, and gives just a little crackle from the sugar.

So thanks, K, for your brave sacrifice for the greater good – this one’s for you!

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