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must be something in the water

March 7, 2010

Over the course of my friendship with K, I’ve also become friends with her daughter, M.  Around two years ago, K came into work one day concerned about the result of M’s latest doctor visit.  M’s doctor had told her she was at risk for gestational diabetes, and that she needed to start eating better, with an emphasis on more whole grains and fiber.  I decided to make her some bread, to encourage tasty, healthy eating.  When M brought the bread home, her husband (who we’ve never actually met) asked where it was from.  Lovey and mrslovey, she advised.  H shrugged and walked away, apparently not interested.

This recipe gets made regularly here.  The blend of white and whole wheat flour give it a hearty flavor, without being too heavy.  The honey and molasses give it a hint of natural sweetness.  Over time, I’ve made some modifications.  The original recipe made four loaves, which constantly threatened to escape from the mixer.  It was just a bit excessive.  I added sunflower kernels for a little bit of texture.  I also found that the original recipe was far too wet and sticky, so I played around with the amount of flour until it was elastic and tacky, without being a velcro mess.  The revised recipe makes two beautiful loaves, perfect for sandwiches, or just drizzling with some honey or spreading with  a little bit of jam for a snack.

As for MrM, seems he finally did try the bread.  M was on the other side of the house when she hears him yell out, “Hey honey, this lesbian bread is really good!”  Yes indeed, it is.  And now he asks for it on a regular basis. Read the rest of this entry ?