June – a little bit of this, a little bit of that

June 2, 2010

I’ve had a hard time trying to decide on a theme for June.  There are just so many things I want to try, I can’t seem to lock into one category (note to self:  see introductory statement, that’s been the problem all along).  Anyway.  This evening I was straightening up the pile of cookbooks on the dining room table, and saw that several of them actually belong to a coworker of mrslovey.  C loves to go to flea markets, tag sales, estate sales, and antique shops, looking for old cookbooks, especially ones put together by the community.  She had scored a few recently, and sent them over for me to poke through.

Bingo!, I said as I organized the pile.  A theme, but still some variation!  June will feature recipes from community and/or fundraiser cookbooks.  You know the ones, put together by local civic groups, churches, really anyone trying to raise money or build community or both.  A common feature seems to be the black plastic spiral binding that holds them all together.

Be warned, fair readers, this may not be pretty.  I haven’t pre-tested any of these.  I have a feeling they’ll either be awesome or awful.  I will try to avoid anything with crushed pineapple, but otherwise I’ll mostly be flipping to a page and seeing what it holds.  Coworkers in both offices, I’m apologizing in advance, but if I have to suffer for this blog, then so do you.

Oh by the way, C, looks like you won’t be seeing your books until the beginning of July.


One comment

  1. FYI: I’m going to a neighborhood tag sale tomorrow. I’ll be on the lookout!!!! I am way too excited for this.

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