call to action!

June 15, 2010

Greetings, my little muffinheads!  I’ll be heading out shortly on a much-needed vacation, so the oven will be quiet for the next week or so.  While I’m gone, I’m assigning homework.  No, don’t run away.  Keep reading, it’ll be fine, I promise.

July is going to be a zany, super fun month – reader requests!  In order to keep the chaos to a minimum, I will only be taking requests from registered subscribers.   How do I subscribe, you ask?  Easy peasy!  First, make sure you are on the home page (www.loveysoven.com), not a page for a specific post.  Then simply scroll down your screen until you see a section on the right titled “Email Subscription.”  Enter your email address and click “sign me up!”  You will receive an email notification requesting that you activate/confirm the request, and then you’re good to go!*   Not only will you get to decide what I’m baking next month, but you’ll have the added bonus of being the first to know whenever new content is posted.   Tell your friends!  Tell your coworkers!  Tell your neighbors!  Tell anyone that you think may enjoy reading about what a mess I make in the kitchen!

Anywho, I’ll have more info on how the reader requests will work when we get closer to July, but figured I’d let y’all know ahead of time so you can sign up and put your thinking caps on.  For those of you who already subscribe, thank you!  It warms my fuzzy little heart to know that at least a couple of people are reading along.  Smooches.

*It goes without saying that loveysoven will not share your info in any way, shape, or form with any other parties.  I’m just not that kind of girl.



  1. what’s not to love….there is always a delectable item the emits from your kitchen….along with the awesome blog…I look forward to each and every creation! and about the bundt….let it rest for a while…but I know you, and you will not let a bundt pan beat you! maybe we will have to bake the next one together…..shhh…that will be our little secret. LOL..Love ya, enjoy your trip!

  2. as you know, i would like you to find me a fabulous gluten free recipe. maybe chocolate cake, or some kinda muffins or . . . maybe those lemon cookie things. can you make those gluten free?

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