heat wave hiatus

July 8, 2010

We’re in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave here in the Northeast.  It’s currently after 10pm and still 90 degrees outside, and this is the coolest day so far this week.  Anyway, what I’m trying to say in a clever manner is that the oven has been taking a bit of a break due to the horrific weather.  It looks like we’ll have a slight respite over the weekend, so I’m going to try to bake as much as I can to stock up for the upcoming week or so of continued stifledom. You can keep submitting requests, they are being reviewed and researched in the meantime!



  1. Who could blame you? That is oppressive. Don’t you wish we were at The Frozen Tundra rightnow???

  2. So for reader request month I think I’d like to request a chewy molasses cookie. This is actually a request for my mom who has tried for years to re-create her Grandmothers molasses cookies.
    p.s. i’d be ok it you wanted to wait out the heat wave:)

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