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holy sh!t, I actually made pretzels!

May 3, 2010

It was harder than i thought to choose the initial recipe for handheld month.  My first option was put aside once I realized it was an overnight process, and I just didn’t have the patience for that.  My second option was also shunned once I realized it required ingredients I didn’t have, and I was trapped at home without a car (we won’t tell that story here, I’ll just say that my day didn’t start according to plan).  Then the distraction kicked in.  I was supposed to be doing some kind of ‘important handheld research’, but I kept peeking at King Arthur’s list of their 50 top-rated recipes.  Ooooo, shiny!!!  I’ve made several of these recipes, and would agree that they’re keepers.  Problem is, I kept getting sucked into all of the ones I hadn’t made yet.  And then, poking through the list, I saw it.  The solution to my handheld dilemma and the justification for my distraction!   Read the rest of this entry ?